Two Steps Backwards, One Step Forward

I think the best way to explain inner Anna Kate is 1 part Appalachian mountains and 1 part U.K. Before my more current adventures abroad I would’ve said 1 part England, but that is far too limiting. Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are such vastly different cultures that it feels incredibly mean to leave them out. As much love as I have for English culture, customs, and humour, I have equal admiration for my own mountain ways. No society is without faults, (cough cough Brexit, imperialism, and colonization cough cough) but that doesn’t mean it’s overall not a great place. Likewise for America, most definitely. I did not specifically choose to study abroad during the election season, but so far I have not regretted that decision.

Anglophile: a person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain.   

The first time I crossed “the pond” was in 2012, the summer before I turned 16. We (my dad and I) spent five days in France and eight days in England, leaving no moment wasted for travel and discovery. Vacation, for most people, is a leisurely week (or however long) spent doing touristy activities. Vacation, for most of my family, is an experience to garner as many sights and absorb as much culture as possible. Because of this I’m not very good at being a “leisurely” person, but hey, I ain’t mad. Although it is nice to give yourself time to relax and rejuvenate, I think travel is about learning as much as you can rather than spending all of your time in the “white/American” parts of the city…just sayin’.

I took this on a boat tour of the Seine in Paris, France. Notice how artsy I was trying to be by using another camera’s lens to create a fisheye effect! Very creatif!


Currently I am 42 days away from my semester abroad. It’s much easier to work a lot when you have a goal or date to look forward to, but it’s also a constant reminder that you’re not there yet. Several times this summer I have had erratic moments of “Why am I not in England yet?” or “Is it August 31st yet?” I know I must annoy my friends with these questions, because it makes it seem like I’m not grateful for their time or friendship. This of course is not true, but I am an incredibly adept daydreamer and it’s so easy to romanticize the unknown future.


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